Qualifying Products

Oil Change:
  • DuraMAX XLT oil change - $10.00
  • DuraMAX or Drydene Full Synthetic oil change - $7.00
  • DuraMAX High Mileage Synthetic Blend oil change - $5.00
  • DuraMAX, Drydene, or ALLFLEET Synthetic Blend oil change - $3.00
Oil Change Additions:
  • DuraMAX Wiper Blade set - $3.00
DuraMAX Warranty Enrollment:
  • DuraMAX Warranty Enrollment with DuraMAX Oil Change receipt - $5.00
    Enroll at duramaxwarranty.com and receive a $5 DuraMAX DOLLAR$ Check payable to your DuraMAX Installer upon approval.
    Available at participating Authorized Installers.

How to Participate

The program enables you to get up to $18 off your next oil change or vehicle service with just a few easy steps. The greatest part about DuraMAX DOLLAR$ program, it never ends! As long as you continue to ask for DuraMAX motor oil at your Authorized DuraMAX Installer, you will be able to submit for DuraMAX Dollar$ each time.

Get a DuraMAX oil change at a DuraMAX Authorized Installer location. Take a photo of your receipt showing a DuraMAX oil change and other qualifying products where applicable (such as a set of DuraMAX wiper blades).

  1. Text DURAMAX with a picture of your receipt to 811811 and follow the link to register.
  2. Visit the website and follow the steps to register and upload your receipt.
  3. Submit receipt via email to redeem@duramaxdollars.com.
  4. Download the corresponding DuraMAX DOLLAR$ form here to mail-in with your oil change receipt.
    PO Box address:
    DuraMAX P.O Box 6067 West Caldwell, NJ 07007-6067

You will receive confirmation via text or email to acknowledge submission. Once the receipt is validated, you will receive your check within 6 weeks.

Enroll in the DuraMAX Liquid Armor Warranty program by clicking here.

Qualifying receipts must be submitted within 30 days of service.

In most cases, it takes approximately 48 hours for the receipt to be validated.
Once the receipt is validated, you will receive your check within 6 weeks.

Please take a clear picture of the receipt (blurry images cannot be accepted) that includes the participating Installer’s name, valid date, DuraMAX Products, and payment confirmation

No, registration is free of cost. You can create one account per person.

For assistance, please contact DuraMAX by emailing help@duramaxdollars.com.