Experience the DuraMAX Difference.

Receive a check payable to your DuraMAX Installer good for any future service.

The DuraMAX DOLLAR$ Loyalty Program enables you to get up to $18 off your next oil change or vehicle service in just a few easy steps. The greatest part – it never ends! As long as you continue to ask for DuraMAX motor oil at your preferred oil change station, you will be able to submit for DuraMAX DOLLAR$ each time. With DuraMAX oil changes, you ensure a high quality performing product for your vehicle. Plus, by taking advantage of the DuraMAX DOLLAR$ Loyalty Program, you will receive maximum savings!

Oil Change:
  • DuraMAX XLT oil change - $10.00
  • DuraMAX or Drydene Full Synthetic oil change - $7.00
  • DuraMAX High Mileage Synthetic Blend oil change - $5.00
  • DuraMAX, Drydene, or ALLFLEET Synthetic Blend oil change - $3.00
Oil Change Additions:
  • DuraMAX Wiper Blade set - $3.00
DuraMAX Warranty Enrollment:
  • DuraMAX Warranty Enrollment with DuraMAX oil change receipt - $5.00
    Enroll at duramaxwarranty.com and receive a $5 DuraMAX DOLLAR$ Check payable to your DuraMAX Installer.
    Available at participating Authorized Installers.